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Marketing Research study for Commitment Programs: Tan2Day Tanning Salon

Marketing Research study for Commitment Programs: Tan2Day Tanning Salon

Tan2Day Free tanning app Salon opened in 08 in Temecula, California. Owners Heath as well as Natalie Ward started the hair salon after school from USC in 2006 with certifications in Human resources and Advertising, respectively. The actual Wards noticed the potential in a well-marketed California tanning salon, so they really jumped with the chance each time a small package opened up inside a popular nearby shopping center. After opening, Tan2Day registered 150 clients, most of which were friends, family, and other colleagues.

Initial Advertising Investment

To the first few months, the Wards' social networking, plus walk-ins, presented enough organization for Tan2Day to achieve success. Heath wanted to take the business a greater distance, however, therefore he chose to implement an advertising and marketing campaign which focused on a mix of billboards, stereo ads, and TV commercials. The campaign expense $20,000 to the first year. Natalie has been worried to spend such a large amount on advertising and marketing, but the lady trusted Heath's common sense.

Loyalty System

Although it required a couple of months to work, the strategy soon greater new customer enrollment from Tan2Day considerably. Natalie seen, however, that lots of these new customers would suntan once after which never go back. Since tanning is a services that requires multiple visits to work, she recognized that the firm needed a way to capture replicate business. Thus, the Tan2Day Tan2Morrow Customer Loyalty Program was proven. This program offers the customer various tanning bundles ranging from A couple of months to 1 yr. The more the customer selects, greater they save, eventually doing work up to free tans. Consumers were made conscious of the program together with strategically-placed signage. A new vinyl decal was printed for each suntanning room, that has been placed on the particular wall advertising the program. The vinyl banner was also put up above the outlet which said "Free Tans Obtainable!" Finally, buttons saying "Ask me the way to get free suntans!" ingested to each worker.


Right after implementing the actual Tan2Day Tan2Morrow program, consumer retention sky-rocketed coming from just over 50% to 78%. "It's not that individuals didn't like our support," Natalie explains, "they just found a greater deal so they really didn't keep coming back. With the respect program, we're encouraging the customers to stick to us as well as rewarding these for it.In . This program was the perfect health supplement to the present advertising price range set in place by simply Heath, and the total cost to implement that (mainly to pay the publishing of the advertising signage) has been less than $500. Natalie saw such a excellent response to the program that she now gives people a Tan2Day vinyl sticker to put on their auto. The idea is the member's friends and family will see the label and ask about it, which will direct even more new clients.


Help make your advertising buck go a greater distance by exploring your market and strategically-selecting where to broadcast the message.

It is critical to have fantastic offers for first time customers, fresh fruits about coming back again customers also. Keeping your existing clients happy and loyal may sustain your organization when you don't possess as much to invest on promoting.

Promote virtually any new give you have in several ways. Clients come from various directions and view things in a different way, so if you possess your concept in only one spot, you're limiting the exposure.

Great marketing should be evolving. While things get stale or perhaps stagnant, clients lose interest. Consider what's recently been the most-effective on your business as well as improve upon the idea even more-customers will respond!
Erika Allen works as a Movie director of Marketing throughout Boston, Massachusetts. He has dealt with both large companies and also small local businesses for over 20 years. His huge experience in the field of promoting positions him as an skilled in helping corporations expand by utilizing marketing methods.

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